Photos of Bones

I know its been a LOOOONG time since we last posted and updated everyone on Bones progress… I am sure everyone has been checking each day, just praying for an update ;). Bones is now a little older than a year and his growing has slowed down tremendously (thank goodness). He is about 140lbs but will continue to grow and fill out until he is 4 (that is what our breeder said). We are predicting he will reach around 175-180lbs so hes got about 40 pounds to go!

Photo Taken By Cameron LiButti

Bones has just woken up from a nap and is giving me his “cranky eye”.

Angry Bones

Photo by Cameron LiButti

Bones and his buddy Mable

Bones and Mable playing outside. Mable gets a little scared of Bones, but we have assigned the steps to be the “safe zone” so she knows where to go when scared haha šŸ™‚