The Countdown begins… 19 days until we pick up Bones from his home in Victor, NY! Tim and I (Cait),  are getting extremely anxious seeing we have been waiting almost a year for him to arrive. We have officially moved into our new place (that allows dogs) and are preparing for his arrival. Soooo maybe we have had a little too much time on our hands but we decided it was necessary to make him a dog bed in stead of buying one.

It was fairly easy actually… we got the instructions from and then added a few twists of our own, such as sewing on the decorative top.

We just received his cage, that we bought from, you have to wait a few days to receive it by mail… but it was definitely worth it. It was much cheaper then buying it from Petsmart or Petco and is very high quality (which I was concerned about at first). The cage is Enormous but comes with a divider so that we can expand the space as Bones gets older… we took a photo of me inside of it to really demonstrate the ridiculous size.

So because we live in Denver, Co and Bones is in Victor, NY.. getting him home is going to be quite the process. He is going to be too large to fit underneath the seat on the plane, and we don’t want to put him below the plane, so we are going to rent a car and drive him back to Colorado. It should take about two days so lets keep our fingers crossed that he doesn’t have a nervous breakdown and pee and poop all over the car and/or myself :).