Yippy! My book that I ordered finally arrived!!! Our breeder recommended this book “Give Your Dog A Bone”, by Dr. Ian Billinghurst. Its all about how to feed your dog a raw diet and the benefits of a raw diet.So basically we say… “Here Bones, have an entire Chicken” (when hes older of course). Yesssssss I know… you all think that we are crazy, but this is the best method for our dog and after doing a lot of research I would not feed my dog any other way :). Bones is going to be eating healthier then us! haha

The breeder informed us that by feeding her dogs a raw diet they live much longer then the average Newfoundland. They also have significantly lower health problems then dogs who are fed processed dog food. Because Bones will be the LARGEST single purchase both Tim and I have ever made, we want to make sure he lives as long as possible!

If you are curious about the benefits of a raw diet then I would highly recommend you buy this book… or you can just borrow it from me when I am done… or just call and ask me hahah.