Bones has finally arrived!!!!! We picked him up from the breeders on Friday November 25th just after Thanksgiving. He was introduced to Aries (my parents dog) and Bubba (Tims Mom and step dads dog) and they all got along GREAT!!! Phew.. one less thing to worry about. He definitely has an obsession with water, we could barely let him outside in the backyard because he would immediately charge for the pond. Here is a photo of him playing in the leaves outside of my parents house.

Car Ride Home

Bones was PHENOMENAL! He pretty much just laid around and slept in the back seat for the entire car ride back to Denver. He would whine a little bit every time we put him back in the car after taking him out to the bathroom or to run around, but other than that he was amazing! Thank goodness because that could have been a terribly long ride if he wasn’t cooperative. Here is a photo of him chilling in the back seat… its kinda close up but my options were limited. : )

First Night In Denver

Bones was NOT so Phenomenal! He is really struggling with the crate and learning to sleep in it. He will just continue to bark as soon as we put him in there… its tough when you want/need a good night sleep but can’t get one. Last night I had to sleep on the floor in the kitchen because that is the only place he would fall asleep, and he wont go to bed if someone isn’t laying there with him. I am going to try to train him a little bit each day to learn to love sleeping in his crate. Suggestions would be helpful!

He has successfully learned how to SIT (if I have his full attention) and he is very good at coming to us when we call. Tim and I took him to the park last night and kept hiding in different areas and each of us would call him over to us and then give him a treat once he arrived. It was a nice little game for him and a great way to get exercise and learn how to come when he is called. This only lasted about a half hour because he is extremely lazy and clumsy and can only move so fast. haha Here is a photo with all three of us… one happy little family!