This Christmas was a special one as it was Cait and I’s first together and Bones’ first Christmas as well. We bought him a huge stuffed animal to play with and wrestle, he seems to like it so far and is working pretty hard to pull the eyes off, haha. We also give him a box and paper to go crazy with!

Lucy the Dog aka Bones' new best friend

Bones has been doing very well and we are continuing to work with him on certain things; biting, listening, etc. We were started to get fed up with his biting/niping so we bought Binaca mouth spray and it was an instant cure! Now Bones has the freshest breath on the block! He has his moments where he loses his mind and does some wacky things, like him pawing at the glass door in the video below.

We’ll post soon about the raw diet and what we’ve been up to with with that! Happy new year!