I know its been a while since we have updated everyone! Things have gotten super busy with wedding planning and training this MONSTER of a dog : ) He is looking more like a Gorilla everyday, and every time he wakes up I think he is bigger. He is now about 67 lbs and growing about a 1/2 lb a day, and hes starting to shed A LOT… so I have to brush him everyday to minimize the amount of hair.  Hes going to be 150lbs in no time! 😀

Here is a short, funny video of him in the car.

Puppy Pre-School

As some people know, we thought Bones was going to be the “best in the class” at his first day of puppy training. We have been working really really hard with him at home to get him trained so we were extremely confident he was going to be the best. MANNNNNNN were we wrong… he was one of the worst… all his training went down the drain when we got there. He was like a wild animal just running and peeing all over and not listening AT ALL. It was tough for him with all the distractions from the other dogs and because of his size people always assume he is much older. After the second day of puppy training he got much better and we were able to show him off a bit more 🙂 Here are two videos from puppy class, you can’t really see much because we had to have class indoors due to bad weather.

Our biggest issues with him right now are …

1. Pulling on the lease while walking (mostly when he sees other people)

2. Nibbling at heels, boots, and anything hanging off of a person (scarfs, gloves etc.)

3. Being very nosy and invasive while we are cooking in the kitchen…he is like a vacuum cleaner and is constantly underfoot trying to catch every last crumb.

4. Jumping on the counter and attempting to get on the couch. One day he jumped on the counter and pulled down some of his food while we weren’t looking, and ever since then he thinks he can do ANYTHING!

5. Only listening to us when he knows we have treats! He is highly food motivated so he will do anything we ask as long as we have a treat.. but sometimes we don’t have a treat and he knows it!